Games Writing

2014-11-02 04:57:23 by just404it

Made 100 games in 5 years.

All Games Fixed!

2014-07-24 20:18:13 by just404it

Good news! All of my games have been fixed.

The final damage report due to the Google Chrome update is:

  • 20 games were affected and blank screened: 20 games needed to be reuploaded.
  • 17 of these games were on multiple websites: Newgrounds,, and GameJolt.
  • In total, I needed to reupload 45 files across those three sites.
  • This whole process took about a full day. 

Although the solution was a bit tedious, I'm just happy that everything has returned to normal! Plus, one day isn't too big of a sacrifice in the long run.



Google Chrome Solution

2014-07-22 12:20:29 by just404it

There is a solution to the Google Chrome issue. 

First off, I now know for certain that this bug is caused by the new Chrome update and stops games that use the new audio engine. Other browsers work fine, and older games work fine. In terms of a solution, GameMaker has put out an early access patch that resolves this problem. The tricky part is that I, and all the other developers with blank screen'd games, will have to re-export our affected games through GameMaker with the patch. 

This said, this issue is solvable. It'll just be a tad tiresome as I have 20 games across 3 sites that I'll need to re-export and re-upload. 

But hey, it's a little blip. Things could be much worse!

I'll put out another update when I've fixed all of my games on NewGrounds. Until then, most of my stuff can be downloaded at:


Google Chrome not working

2014-07-21 21:58:50 by just404it

Just a heads up to players,

Something in the new Google Chrome is preventing GameMaker Games from playing online. This isn't just for my games but for all GameMaker HTML5 games. We believe the new Google Chrome issue revolves around the GameMaker audio engine (so that GM games using the old engine will work still). With that said, most GM games past 2012 or so use the new audio engine. Alternatively, many of my games are PC downloadable from my GameJolt page:

FireFox and other browsers work fine. 

I'll post an update as soon as something changes.