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Google Chrome not working

2014-07-21 21:58:50 by just404it

Just a heads up to players,

Something in the new Google Chrome is preventing GameMaker Games from playing online. This isn't just for my games but for all GameMaker HTML5 games. We believe the new Google Chrome issue revolves around the GameMaker audio engine (so that GM games using the old engine will work still). With that said, most GM games past 2012 or so use the new audio engine. Alternatively, many of my games are PC downloadable from my GameJolt page: http://gamejolt.com/profile/james-earl-cox-iii/22593/

FireFox and other browsers work fine. 

I'll post an update as soon as something changes. 


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2014-07-21 22:23:10

It's either you have your ad blocker on or you might have technical difficulties.

just404it responds:

Its for sure Google Chrome. It is somehow interfering with the GM audio engine. GameJolt has released a patch, but it is in early access. I'll probably download it and then re-export all the games that this issue is affecting.


2014-07-21 22:51:26

yeah goog chrome is acting up i think its some ad ons i cant view newgrounds flash movies in goog chrome. I need firefoosx